Cement Plants

20 April، 2024

Kiln 1 section replacement with length = 36.7 meters (Divided in 5 sections) at Helwan Cement Plant

أسم المصنع : مصنع أسمنت حلوان أسم المشروع: تغيير سكشن فرن 1 بطول 36.7 متر (مقسم علي 5 سكاشن) بداية العمل: 08/03/2024 نهاية العمل: 05/04/2024 مدة […]
3 February، 2024

Supply, fabricate, transport and install of Bypass Condition Tower and its ducts line 3 at Lafarge Cement Plant

أسم المصنع : مصنع أسمنت لافارج أسم المشروع: توريد و تصنيع  و نقل و تركيب كونديشن و داكت الباي باص خط 3 بداية العمل: 24/12/2023 نهاية […]
19 March، 2022

Change Duct of Clinker Cooler

Scope of Work: change the duct of cooler diameter 3600mm, elbow 90 degree, and transition from circular to Rectangular.
19 March، 2022

Replacement outlet shell sections of Cement Kiln#2 – Suez Cement Plant

The project concerns of the replacement of new two shell sections for Kiln#2 replacing the following two shell section: ➢ The Outlet heavy section under tyre#3 […]
21 September، 2021

Transfer Alternative Fuel system from Line 5 to Line 1 – LAFARGE CEMENT

Dismantling, transferring and installing the alternative fuel system from line 5 to line 1 The project implementation period is 90 days Scope of Works: Dismantling all […]
9 September، 2021

Shutdown Kattameya Cement Plant 8/2021

Menco Group has successfully completed a maintenance overhaul shutdown 8-2021 for following area: Kiln and kiln feed shutdown  Raw mills 1,2 Clinker crusher & Heat Exchanger […]
25 February، 2021

Change the duct of By-pass GCT – LAFARGE CEMENT PLANT

Fabrication & Change the new Duct with Axial Hinge Expansion Joint    
24 January، 2021

Rehabilitation ESP Filter – SINAI CEMENT

Date : 4/1/2021 to 22/1/2021 Scope of Project: Dismantle the High voltage transformer & lowering to ground Remove the outer Upper Cover of ESP Filter Remove […]
16 January، 2021

Overhaul of cement mill 8 and all related equipment – Helwan Cement Plant

Extra main equipment mandatory by supplier: RIMMER, DRILLER, HYDRAULIC JACK 500 1-Removal of Trunnion 2-Removal of Journal Bearing and Housing 3-Repair Flange of Mill Head by […]
14 November، 2020

Completely replacement Clinker laminated box Conveyor – Helwan Cement Plant

Scope of Work: Date : 18/10/2020 Disconnect the old laminated box conveyor and remove it. Replace the old rails and supports by new one, and we […]
2 November، 2020

Shutdown of Pre-heater line 4 Oct.2020 – LAFARGE EGYPT CEMENT

Scope of Works: Date : Oct. 2020 Pre-heater Tower Change the worn sheet metal Change the big Damper for tertiary air duct Change all material piping
13 August، 2020

C.M 7 and all related equipment SD – Helwan Cement Plant

Scope of Works: Cement Mill Replace complete 4 rows lining plates of the inlet head types B, C, D & E Repair complete wearing plates of […]
8 August، 2020

Coal Mill 2 Separator – SINAI CEMENT PLANT

Scope of Works: Change separator rotor Adjust the top seal clearance Change all louvers Change all wear plates Repair worn out steel parts at reject cone […]
21 July، 2020

Insulation Works for E.P Filter – SINAI CEMENT PLANT

Scope of Works: 1000 sq.m. thermal insulation works have been completed with the rock wool of the E.P filter – Remove the old insulation. – Make […]
16 July، 2020

Raw Material Area Shutdown – Ameryha Cement Plant

Overhaul shutdown of the Reclaimer, Harrow, feeding belts, and apron feeders on Amreyha Cement Plant Date : July 2020  
31 May، 2020

Mechanical activities in C.M#9- Helwan Cement

Overhaul of the cement mill 9 was carried out on the site of Helwan Cement, change the liner of mill head, and grinding of the mill […]
8 February، 2020

Realignment the kiln section – Helwan Cement

HELWAN CEMENT PLANT Scope of Work: the section of kiln was cut, realignment, and re-assembly again and fabrication supports to lifting the kiln on both sides […]
8 February، 2020

Overhaul Grate Cooler kiln#1&2- Helwan Cement

HELWAN CEMENT PLANT Scope of Work: The overhaul of the clinker cooler line 1 & 2 at Helwan Cement Plant has been completed. Where all the […]
8 February، 2020

Fabrication & Erection for modify Bypass Short-Cut – Helwan Cement

Helwan Cement Plant Scope of work: Fabrication & Erection Inlet Rectangular Duct, Circular duct 2400 by length 6000, two Ex-joints, & fixation Saddles.
8 February، 2020

Repair lime stone steel cord B.C– Length 900m – Kattamia Cement

SUEZ CEMENT – KATTAMIA CEMENT PLANT Scope of Work: Steel Cord Belt Conveyor with length 900 m – Katameya Cement Plant. Once again, Menco for Industrial […]