Petrochemical Plants

29 September، 2022

Overhauling for HCL furnace E – CA Plant

Complete overhauling for HCL furnace E (dismantling, inspection, replacement, cleaning, and boxing-up).
28 September، 2022

Mechanical installation, commissioning and startup for PVC2 & VCM3 of TCI SANMAR

A mechanical installation, commissioning and startup contract has been signed for TCI SANMAR CHEMICALS S.A for following plants VCM3 Plant PVC2 Plant from period 2018 / […]
28 September، 2022

salt washer line-1 – C.A Plant

Revamping salt washer line-1(dismantling, inspection, replacement, painting, cleaning, and boxing-up).                      duration of work : 20 day
28 September، 2022

Cell house electrolyzes – C.A Plant

Revamping Cell house electrolyzes (dismantling, inspection, replacement gasket and membrane, cleaning, and boxing-up).
28 September، 2022

PVC-1 Plant

Installation and commissioning for new five transformers 22KV/0.5KV,CB commissioning with all required tests.
28 September، 2022

AEP Plant Shutdown

Date : April 2022 The heat exchanger removed and new one erected on its foundation, This is with the high risk due to no entrance for […]
28 September، 2022

VCM Plant Shutdown

Complete shutdown for high hazard six columns (dismantling, inspection, welding, cleaning, and boxing-up). Dewatering Column, Recovery Column, HCL Column, VCM Column, Quench Column, Vent Scrubber.
6 February، 2020

Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance of TCI SANMAR

TCI SANMAR CHEMICALS S.A / Port Said Scope of Work: MENCO signed a contract with SanMar as Maintenance contractor providing Skilled Manpower and also Professional Services […]