About us

MENCO Group for contracting, mechanical & electrical maintenance is an integrated service enterprise offering expertise and skillful insight to the dynamic industrial sector since 2008, with Egyptian ownership.

We are market leaders in the provision of installation, erection, implementation, and plant start-up. Our main services are the installation and maintenance of industrial machinery and production lines, including consumer packaged goods & (FMCG) factories such as canned/frozen foods, juice, drinking water etc. Similarly, production lines for intermediate good(s) factories, such as petroleum fields, cement, and steel. Parallel to our diligence to the manufacturing field services, we excel in installation and supply a wide range of components required for the infrastructure foundation, including water & sewage piping, energy plant fixtures and cement supply for the industrial and civil sectors.

Being a reputable contractor for mechanical, electrical and maintenance services in the Egyptian market for almost 6 years, we believe our devotion to Total Quality Management System, whilst complying with Health & Safety regulation(s) (HSE) & (OHSAS), these are momentous factors which set us apart from our rivals. In fact, we consider our success revolves around our multidisciplinary workforce and their handlings of client requests with respect to their budgets. However, we keep working steadily to develop and improve our Quality Management practice, which ultimately enables the stakeholders to enjoy the transformation of their business into more efficient, effective and profitable operations.

In an effort to satisfy our diverse client demands in this vital industry, we have been expanding our operations and tasks through the allocation of two new branches in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries through partnership coalition with major regional organizations. Bidding and executing mechanical & electrical services for governmental projects in Qatar and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; in addition to a third branch in Kurdistan.

MENCO sees that “Cumulative field experience” has always been a hallmark for our organization. This experience in turn allows us to provide professional assistance, apply effective methodology and efficient evaluations of our clients throughout the investment life cycle. This is not only to guarantee project delivery, but also a successful transition from a functioning plant to a startup reliable plant operation.

Here at MENCO, we are strongly committed to investing in innovation and fostering environmental sustainability to ensure the wellbeing of the businesses we work with,our communities, and the development of our employees.

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